EU Report on Progress in Quality Assurance in Higher Education

In 2006, the European Parliament and the Council adopted the recommendation on quality assurance in higher education. In this recommendation, the Council and the European Parliament invite the Commission to present triennial reports on progress in the … read more

17th ECA Workshop Porto

The 17th ECA workshop, organised by A3ES, will take place in Porto on 17-18 June 2014. Please visit the event page. read more

Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency (SQAA) joins MULTRA!

The Multilateral Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Accreditation Results regarding Joint Programmes (MULTRA) now teams up 12 quality assurance agencies. On 14 December 2010 ECA members launched the Multilateral Agreement on the Mutual Recognition … read more

Anette Dørge joins Management Group

The ECA Management Group is pleased to announce that Anette Dørge, Director of The Danish Accreditation Institution, has joined the Management Group as a member. | Anette Dørge replaces Christian Moldt who has left EVA and was … read more

Strategic plan ECA published

ECA has finalised its new strategic management plan. In the strategic management plan the vision, mission, aims, objectives and goals of ECA are explained. The document also highlights the main strategic action lines. A profile of … read more

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