Apply for the Certificate

How can you apply for a Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation?

ECA welcomes applications for the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation from all recognised programmes and institutions.

Undergoing the assessment is voluntary and does not substitute existing external quality assurance or accreditation procedures. An assessment of internationalisation may be combined with regular external quality assurance procedures, but it is a supplementary and improvement-oriented service.

ECA charges a fee of 2,000 euro for the award of the certificate. Additional costs include the costs of the assessment which need to be negotiated with the ECA member agency that conducts the assessment.

Before filling in the application form please read the Certification Procedure and consult the list of the CeQuInt Agencies.



  • Please note that for applications at programme level, at least 1 cohort of students must have graduated.
  • Please note that this field is compulsory, if you are applying for an assessment at Programme Level.